Network Africa II

Ort: KHG TUM, A12 Mentoratsraum (Karlstr. 32)

The Africa Network strives to present current projects with environmental impact, but also to inspire Africans to develop their own ideas to support their local economies with sustainable start-ups.

Therefore, the keynote speech (Denim D’costa) is followed by a short idea incubation session (Juliet Njepu and Anthony Agboeze).

TUM-Student Denim D’costa will talk about his thesis project: “Design and Analysis of Hybrid Renewable System for the UN Humanitarian Help”. His master thesis aimed at developing a concept design and analysis of hybrid renewable systems including battery storage to meet the energy demand at the UN WFP humanitarian locations in energy efficient, environmentally friendly way and thereby achieving a reduction in operating cost and CO2 emission by reducing dependency on diesel fuel.

Afterwards you have the opportunity to attend Anthony’s and Juliet’s workshop about Small Business in Africa.

6.30 pm Snacks & Small Talk
7.00 pm Presentation Denim D’costa
7.30 pm Workshop (Idea incubation session) with Juliet Njepu & Anthony Agboeze