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Jeden Dienstag von 18:30 bis 20:00 Uhr
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Garching | Zoom

Overcoming obstacles – the bumpy road towards carbon neutrality
Interdisciplinary Environmental Lecture Series in Winter Term 2022/23

More Information: www.rivo.fs.tum.de


Date Topic Place Lecturer(s)
25.10.22 Our energy system Zoom Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Spliethoff (TUM)
08.11.22 The war in Ukraine & The Energy Crisis: Can the RepowerEU plan help both? Zoom Dr. Ganna Gladkykh (EERA)
15.11.22 Solar EV and Sharing Concept: What does the sustainable future of mobility look like? Zoom Christina Rechtsteiner (Sono Motors)
22.11.22 Decarbonization of the industry sector: required technologies and supporting policies On-site Martin Kueppers (IEA)
06.12.22 Negative Emissions Technologien (NETs) Zoom Louis Uzor (Climeworks)
13.12.22 How to get rid of emissions in transport and why this didn’t happen in the past? On-site M.Sc. Simon Pichlmaier (FfE)
10.01.23 The Environmental Guidelines to decarbonize your daily activities Zoom  
17.01.23 Sustainable use of resources in vertical farms Zoom PhD. Laura Carotti (University of Bologna)
24.01.23 The environmental price of fast fashion Zoom Associate Prof. Kirsi Niinimäki (Aalto University)
31.01.23 9-Euro-Ticket: Result and Future Zoom Dr. Mark Andor (RWI-Essen)